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What is the best time to travel to Hawaii?

Lately we have heard more and more frequently the question of What is the best time to travel to Hawaii? And the truth is that this is not a simple answer, we have to take into account several factors, the main ones are:

- The weather in Hawaii 
- Which islands we want to visit 
- The high or low season that will influence the price of the plane ticket and accommodation. 
- Local festivals 
- What you want to do in Hawaii.

Let's see from these perspectives the best time to go to hawaii so that you can get an idea of ​​the best time for you.

The climate in Hawaii creates some confusion, and this revolves around the general belief in the existence of a wet season (low season) and a dry season (high season) in Hawaii. Let's explain this.
Best time to go to hawaii beach


It is one of the ideal times to travel to Hawaii, the rains begin to stop and it is called the beginning of the dry season. 

There is almost perfect weather in Hawaii in the spring and it is also a good time to find "bargains" in travel: flights and accommodations. Prices drop as of the end of April. 
The water temperature is above 21 degrees Celsius and the surf season is coming to an end as the winds begin to give a truce. 

And the best of spring in Hawaii certainly are the flowers and vegetation that you can see all over the island at this time of year. Certainly for non surfers it is the best time to travel to Hawaii.

Says Spring will hold a big event on the Big Island of Hawaii that can cause overcrowding on the Yarn side of the island. The Merrie Monarch festival is held annually from Easter Sunday. 


Beach in hawaii

Normally summer is classified in Hawaii as the "off season". This translates into cheaper prices within the island for accommodation, rental vehicles ... 

However, this "off season" rating can often be misleading for air tickets that suffer an increase, since from June to August is the Holiday season practically from around the world. This assumes that airplane prices often increase in late June and July, as demand is higher and affects especially the connections that need to be made to reach Hawaii. Intermediate flights or connections make the cost of the airline ticket increase.

The summer months are always the hottest on the island, and temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees. In addition the heat comes combined with a high humidity that can provoke quite unpleasant sensations for the travelers not accustomed to the humidity and the heat.

The Surf is at its lowest level during the summer, rains are somewhat more frequent, except on the windward coast.

Water temperatures generally exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

The last tropical storms or hurricanes also have occurred in summer, is not an area especially whipped by these storms but if there is any time of the year in which it can happen, it is the summer. In 2007, a tropical storm almost hurricane touched the southern part of the Big Island. As we have said is not frequent.

Perhaps the heat so intense makes the realization of excursions and adventure activities are not the most propitious at this time of year, clearly win the game the beach and the sun as main recreational activities. This is the best time to take your photographs, we recommend hawaiiresolution for the best Hawaii Aerial Drone Photography Services.


It is the humid and rainy season of the year, the rains begin to be very frequent, especially in late October and early November. There are some very unpleasant storms: heavy rains, winds, snow on high mountaintops, thunderstorms ... But on a rare occasion with a destructive nature.

At the end of autumn begins the so-called "High Season" begins exactly in mid-December, which normally causes very expensive flight, travel and accommodation rates.

The Big Island of Hawaii can have a very high occupation during October as a big event takes place on the island's Ironman Triathlon.


In December every year is the month of most visitors in Hawaii begins the trend at the beginning of the month but reaches its highest peak of occupancy when Christmas dates approach as well as New Year, the effect of this high occupancy you can imagine: Prices Much higher.

Christmas is a time when anyone who does not like crowds should avoid visiting the islands.

The temperatures are very pleasant around 25 degrees and in the sea the temperature is also very warm and pleasant. 
If your main objective is the SURF this is the best time to travel to Hawaii. Great waves that lead to major surfing events, especially on Maui and Oahu. 

During the winter it is one of the few places in the world where you can play in the snow on the same day and bathe on the beach. This occurs on the Big Island and occasionally on Maui.

Winter is also whale watching season in Hawaii. Humpback whales come from Alaska every winter to give birth to their offspring (usually in shallow waters off the coast of Maui). The whales are good for photography especially using drones. We recommend hiring hawaiiresolutions for Hawaii Drone Photography. This way, you wont miss any amazing moments while you are in the paradise of Hawaii.


Unless the purpose of our trip is to enjoy the surf and the huge waves, or to see whales, in our opinion, the winter is generally the least convenient time to visit the islands. 
The points against for traveling in winter are: 

High prices. 
Mostly humid weather. 
The lowest temperatures compared to spring or summer.

We look forward to helping you choose the best time of year to visit Hawaii. We are clear that we will travel to the end of Spring, but you have to think about the main objectives of your trip to Hawaii and based on them choose the appropriate date. We also recommend going to HawaiiResolutions for Hawaii Aerial Drone Photography as it would help you save your treasure memories in hawiai. We have given you all the information you need to make your trip to Hawaii perfect.

Selection: four players were beaten after match against Paraguay

The Peruvian national team doctor , Julio Segura, confirmed on Friday that four players were "beaten" after victory against Paraguay at the Mansiche stadium in Trujillo.

After a 1-0 Peru win against Paraguay on Thursday, four players were beaten, according to whistleblower Julio Segura.

Peruvian selection: Paolo Guerrero, the striker we will miss against Bolivia
Paolo Guerrero will not play against Bolivia for being suspended.  (Video: El Comercio / Photo: AFP)
AndrĂ© Carrillo, Alexander Succar, Christian Cueva and Renato Tapia are the national teams who would have had several physical discomforts after the friendly duel in Trujillo. 

According to Segura reported at a press conference, "Carrillo has hits on the left ankle and right knee, Succar on the right foot, Cave on the left thigh and Tapia had a concussion" that was taken care of inside the field. 

However, the ailments that afflict those directed by Ricardo Gareca seem not to worry the establishment, because they would not be of "consideration." 

"We are going to wait tomorrow to see how they evolve, the chances are that they will get better at the duel against Jamaica," Segura said. The Peruvian team will return to play a friendly game on Tuesday.