Saturday, June 10, 2017

Selection: four players were beaten after match against Paraguay

The Peruvian national team doctor , Julio Segura, confirmed on Friday that four players were "beaten" after victory against Paraguay at the Mansiche stadium in Trujillo.

After a 1-0 Peru win against Paraguay on Thursday, four players were beaten, according to whistleblower Julio Segura.

Peruvian selection: Paolo Guerrero, the striker we will miss against Bolivia
Paolo Guerrero will not play against Bolivia for being suspended.  (Video: El Comercio / Photo: AFP)
AndrĂ© Carrillo, Alexander Succar, Christian Cueva and Renato Tapia are the national teams who would have had several physical discomforts after the friendly duel in Trujillo. 

According to Segura reported at a press conference, "Carrillo has hits on the left ankle and right knee, Succar on the right foot, Cave on the left thigh and Tapia had a concussion" that was taken care of inside the field. 

However, the ailments that afflict those directed by Ricardo Gareca seem not to worry the establishment, because they would not be of "consideration." 

"We are going to wait tomorrow to see how they evolve, the chances are that they will get better at the duel against Jamaica," Segura said. The Peruvian team will return to play a friendly game on Tuesday.

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